Sunday, February 10, 2013

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Questions and Answers

How can I help? 1) Pray, and spread the word. Make copies of this and send them out. The link for the flyers is: Send the link to your contacts and ask them to pass it on. 2) Take action. Find marchers who are strong in body and spirit, and sponsors to support them. Listen for God’s voice in your heart. He may be calling you to help by applying a skill or ability at which you are good.

Who will lead this proposed march? I will lead this march until, once it gets underway, a council can be formed to elect a leader. Council members must be over 50 years in age. The leader must be over 50 years in age. Leader and council members must be marchers. Council members must be elected by marchers. Marchers must be over 18 years of age, or have a signed letter of consent from their parents/sponsors.

How will order be maintained? With a faith-based, military-type, system of discipline.

When will this march begin? June, 2012.

What town is first on the map? McLouth, Kansas

What route will this march take? Map, as seen on next page, is not set in stone. However, it can be known, this march will not go to our nation’s capital. We are not asking our government to fix things, nor are we seeking the aid of large corporations. We march to inspire our countrymen and women, wherever they are, to hear God’s call, and answer Him with the faith and courage of their forefathers and mothers who went into the unknown and built something greater than their ability to imagine.

Where will the marchers camp? On land owned by those who want to help, in public parks and land when permission is granted, alongside the road, and anywhere in the knowledge that - with faith - there is always a way.

Who can participate? Those who believe that faith can move mountains. Those who believe that, if our pilgrim forefathers and mothers were to land in America today, they would be caught in a fiasco fit for the Roman coliseum. Those who do not see a path of despair, but rather, a path of thanks; for the One who guided our forefathers and mothers is still with us today, ready to lead us, same as He led them. And there are many ways to participate besides marching. Marchers, however, must be physically fit. Those among us who are not Christians are welcome to participate if they believe in our cause, respect our culture, and do not edify paths that run counter to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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