Sunday, February 10, 2013

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I wrote a faith-based book about my previous journey though America and am keeping it separate from what I have proposed here because, as stated, I am NOT trying to sell anything. If you believe there are things in this world worth dying for, and they are the things we ought to celebrate, uphold, and protect, than you don’t need to read my book. (Note: You may have noticed this work is copyrighted - this is only to keep people from changing the words. Anyone who wishes to make copies of this work and distribute them (as I am doing, free of charge to others) is encourage to do so, and may God bless you!

I am NOT saying that different cultures can’t live peacefully in this land, multi-cultural communities included. Rather, I am about a very important truth, being the incredible importance of culture. And freedom means that people get to decide what culture they want to live in, and I doNOT want to live in a dishonest culture that must lie to itself in order to perpetuate its existence, which profits and grows on greed, hate, sexual perversion, and other sins.

I am NOT a utopian, I do NOT want to live in a detached world where heady people think themselves capable of the answers. I want to live honestly in a heartfelt realm whereby tradition of faith, folks confess their sins to the One who holds their best interest at heart - that they needn’t have the answers - but need only put one foot before the other with faith in Him, and He will bring good from their effort, and the outcome will be greater than their ability to imagine.

I am NOT out to start a fight, but I darn-sure know that all the legality and psychology and technology in the world will not preserve our blessings if men refuse to stand in their own flesh and blood. So I am proposing this march, to start a peaceful movement that seeks victory through Christ, for there is nothing more solid in the foundation of a soul, home, town, or nation than bricks sculpted from the sacrifices of believers, made beautiful by mud, snow, and other difficulties taken upon the self.

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