Sunday, February 10, 2013

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I heard a voice in my heart twenty years ago. Not an audible voice, but a voice loud and clear. I remember the moment exactly, and how I spoke aloud to myself,“I have to do something.” I didn’t know what I was supposed to do, I didn’t even know it was God calling, but from that moment, I lived to follow the voice. After eight years of intense searching for a truth I could not define, and having found nothing better, I decided to become a Christian. Three more years of intense searching passed before Jesus turned on the lights and brought me out of the dark. I then went on my journey through America.
Before my journey, it was too easy to shrug off the “foibles” of an anything-goes-society. Afterwards, I started by putting my TV out of my home, not because I thought it evil per say, but because I came to regard it as a digital-opiate which distracted me from doing the work needed to reach a new frontier. I did away with many other things, including questionable songs from my music collection, and girly magazines kept behind my couch. (I was inspired by way of my journey and the truth that was revealed, to throw temptation out of my wagon so to speak, to lighten my load for my journey to the Promised Land.)

I also worked on the “clean streams” end of my frontier goal. I knew a home could be warmed in ways that are less complex than big business, big government, and big science would have us believe. I devised an ultra simple system for heating my home in winter. Simply by using black tarps that can easily be taken up and down, I created heat sinks to catch the sun’s energy above and below my living space. I did so without sacrificing windows or aesthetics. In such a way, using the sun as an only source of afternoon heat, and even though the temperature only reached 15 degrees outdoors, the temperature indoors reached 59 degrees.

For me, the Promised Land is a place with safe streets, good soil and climate, and clean streams. But in a world without frontiers, the trail to a new frontier goes by way of faith through a world where faith is as water in a desert, where men chase after power and gold, and landscapes are painted good for bad and bad for good. And so I pray, work, and prepare in the hope that others will hear His call, and step forward to join me.

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