Day 1, June 14, 2012

Day 1: Set out, up and down hills of Jefferson County, first big hill a test. Wagon heavy, and sun hot, but my Clydsedale horse, Reba, is strong. Met a man named Larry who happendd by in his truck, he said could camp at his place that night, a 100+ year old farmhouse on eleven acres located halfway to McLouth.

Note about images below: I have more photos in my phone but will need help getting them into my computer.

Starting point, 5 miles south of McLouth KS as the crow flies, ten miles by road.
I lived here for the past ten years. I did not own the property but rented. Just before
starting out in horse and wagon, I moved all my things to storage,
so my wagon is my only residence at this time.

After cooking bacon and eggs,
I cooked pork chops for later.

Reba taking a breather in shade,
about 3 miles from starting point.

Camped on Larry's Farm

My dog Jill is tuckered out.

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