Day 17, June 30, 2012

Day 17: Up at 5:30, breakfast and chores, tried to get a bag of horse feed but no luck because feed-store closed for change of ownership. I move on to library (9:00am) and stay until closing time at 1:00pm, working on web jounal. I get 2 bags ice on way back to camp, and cook lunch. I need feed for Reba! So I send texts to friends, and my first cousin John brings a 50lbs bag strapped on the back of his Harley. Then, while I’m taking a photo of his bike, John says “That’s the horse that brings my horse food.”We both got a good laugh out of that, and John departs with a prayer. I cook dinner, clean wagon and gear, and get everything ready to go that night. Marty, who works at the stock yard, takes me to grocery store, then loans me his truck so I can go and get more ice. Marty is a good man. Back at camp, while preparing my wagon and gear, I help Alvin and Marty catch a stray calf - actually, I didn’t do anything except to accidentally be in the right place at the right time. I plan on leaving that night, traveling by moonlight to avoid the blistering heat of day. Thus with the wagon all packed and ready to go, I sack-out on a couch in the sale barn at approx 7 pm. An unexpected storm wakes me at about 8 or 9pm, and running outside, I pull my wagon under the eve of a barn just before the storm hits hard with high wind, driving rain, lightning, thunder, and maybe a little hail. After 20 minutes, it lets up some, and I run back into sale barn and go to sleep (I leave Jill tied up in the barn, Reba has taken shelter in a shed with other horses). At about 12 midnight, I wake to find it's still raining lightly with no moonlight, so I go back to sleep.

The "horse" that brings my horse food.

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