We must turn away from a lifestyle that makes us dependent on those who do not hold our best interest at heart, and turn in the direction of our forefathers and mothers who depended on God, one step at a time, in unknown territory, to build the freest nation on earth. And although we go into unknown territory, we will carry the same blueprint they carried, the Holy Bible, which includes the teachings of Jesus, and the Ten Commandments.
We must start by coming together in the spirit of the Jews who left ancient Egypt, and while we muster, we must let the world know, we are not going away, and we are not asking others to go away. What we are is fast disappearing, our little towns and farms are dying, the things we hold near and dear are crumbling away - and so it is - WE MUST MAKE A STAND
We must defend our flanks from the attacks of our enemies. Today in America, we are singled out by those who think it just to cast shame on our pilgrim and pioneer forefathers and mothers even though all groups are descendents of sinners. We must know that, if we allow our enemies to destroy our heritage, than we allow them to destroy our culture, and if we allow them to destroy our culture, we allow them to destroy us. For example, by vilifying the pilgrims and pioneers who settled this land, angry ideologues have fostered an environment that undermines our children by denying them their God given right to feel good about where they come from, what they’re made of, and who they are. The void created in these kids is then filled with garbage from Hollywood, Fifth Avenue, and others in a race for obscene amounts of power and money.
We must use the millions we spend on junk food and beverage to redeem our health, and by such means, [show our gratitude to God for our gift of life, and] strengthen ourselves as a people so we can hold on to our little towns and farms. 
We must get back to being a people who make their own wares - with imagination, resourcefulness, and pride. By being godly with our hands in the care of things, we can be strong enough to make the basic things we need to survive - strong enough to say “no thanks” to ungodly men who seek advantage over us, pervert us to their ungodly ways, and lead us to destruction.
We can benefit from government and corporations as long as they do not destroy our freedom in their relentless pursuit of power and money. We can benefit from large technology platforms like the railroad and internet as long as they can be modified to run clean, both kinds of clean. Technology should assist us in keeping healthy and independent. Healthy and Independent, not as defined by those who only pretend to hold our best interest at heart, but by we who, like our pioneer forefathers and mothers, truly want a better life (as proven by the risks they took). A new frontier of clean freedom-based technology is waiting to be opened - the key is as near as our faith, courage, and imagination.
We can (having mobilized, set a good example, and peaceful showing of force) present our government with a short list of demands including the following:
·        Media and education – we control it in our communities as a people who agree on what our children should see and hear.
·        Taxes – we will not pay for a disaster created by socialist and capitalist fools.
·        Law Enforcement – we keep the peace in our communities as we see fit.
·        Freedom - because we know how to keep it better than those who do not hold our best interest at heart.

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