Day 11, June 24, 2010

Day 11: Up at 6:00, bath with rubbing alcohol, six shovel loads of “horse apples” to dispose of, and other chores including water proofing tent (a big chore). To church at 10:00; exhausted, utterly exhausted, in fact I see double while trying to focus on pastor. But I did not fall asleep, and I know, I was there to hear his sermon for a reason, which I will expand on later... After church, I return to camp to water proof parka and take a much needed nap. Then to Mayor’s house at 1:00 for lunch where Neale, his wife, mother, three children, and I had a great time! Neale has started an excellent program for bringing people together (more on it later, and I will include a link to his website). Walking back towards camp, town is very quiet on a Sunday afternoon in 100 degree heat. I met Jason and Becky and sat and talked with them at a picnic table beneath a shade tree in their yard. We spoke at length about what I was doing and many other things, including the struggles of raising 5 children in today’s economy where prices are getting so high. Then back to camp, I apply second treatment of waterproofing to my tent. Next I wash heavy mud off my wagon (from the storm). Becky comes with a care package of food and other items for me, and I thank her for her kindness. Then a man comes walking a beautiful dog with markings like a tiger, I give him my faith-march info, and some time later, his wife comes with gifts of food. By then night has fallen, and I work on my laptop to record events while they are fresh in my mind.

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