Day 37, July 20, 2012

DAY 37: I go to lunch with Len, a man I met about a year ago in McDonald’s. Len travels around the country setting up and running Christian workshops for youth. His wife grew up in Williamsburg, and because he was in the area, we meet for lunch at the town tavern which is famous for barbeque (eating their ribs remindes me of why they are famous!). It means a lot to me that Len went out of his way to come and see me on my journey, and I only wish I had more time to spend with him and others. Len and I part with a prayer, words of thanks, and well wishes.

After lunch, I check on my animals before returning to the tavern where I work on my journal all afternoon. The gals in the tavern are great (it seems more like a café than a tavern to me), and I tell them about my mission, and give them my cards. Near the dinner hour, folks begin coming in on a Friday night for dinner, and soon the place is full. I depart and go to my camp where I cook dinner and do chores in preparation for leaving in the morning.

To see short video of camp cooking, click link below:
(Camp food is good, but not near as good as the ribs I had for lunch.)

John the Mayor comes by to see how I’m doing, and so does his father Dee. Three little girls come to pet Reba and play with Jill. Interested adults stop and I tell what I’m about. There’s a gathering in the community center across the street, and a man who is not from Williamsburg approaches my camp, but myself being fairly certain he’s intoxicated, I have no wish to speak with him, and he gets the message and leaves, which is not to say I was rude, or that I would disown a friend for drinking, let alone judge them. No, I just don’t want to explain what I’m about to someone who’s intoxicated because it would be a waste.

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