My horse Reba and I


You are in the photo/video journal of my first horse and wagon mission. At bottom of page is a brief timeline and description of my three journeys, a total of 5,000 miles traveled the old way, by horse, canoe, and foot from farm-to-farm, town-to-town, and city-to-city. 




Included in this journal, my horse Reba and dog Jill, 
driving for the top of the last hill, July 4.

Click photo to watch exciting video of us driving to top of hill.


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My horse Reba and I traveling in rural America.

Giving rides to kids, speaking with parents and grandparents


My 100% free booklet,
AMERICA'S FAITH FRONTIER can be read here.
Based on my perspective gained from my travels, it's not well known but thousands of Christians are reading it. Please click link directly below:

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Click on image for clear view.

A paperback copy of  AMERICA'S FAITH FRONTIER is available at Amazon. I priced it as low as they would allow. I receive no royalties. My only mission is to inspire.
(Paperback $3.83     E-book .99¢)


Also, a paperback copy of my book
AMERICAN ERRAND is available at Amazon 
I receive no royalties. I priced it as low as they would allow.
(Paperback $8.77     E-book .99¢)

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Visit this book's website to see pictures, reviews, and more:

AMERICAN ERRAND has five stars on Amazon

AMERICAN ERRAND is available at most bookstores. Simply enter this ISBN number in their search window:  9780982761311


Also, I wrote this booklet with help from a retired Navy SEAL that I met in my FAITH MARCH OF 2012. I passed this booklet out to folks during my FAITH MARCH OF 2013. 
You can read ACTION PLAN FOR SMALL TOWN AMERICA 100% free by clicking this link:

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2004-2005: I canoed and walked the Lewis and Clark Trail. It took me two years, 4,000 miles. No cell phone, no motorized assistance., no arrangements, no support crew other than the people I happened to meet along the way. They just kept coming like angles out of the blue. And I came away from the experience deeply moved. I spent the next 5 years (2006 -2011) writing and publishing a book about my journey (AMERICAN ERRAND, see link above). My book got excellent reviews from readers, but I canceled my plans to market it because I heard a voice in my heart calling me to take my message directly to the people. Writing had made me poor but I sold what remained of my belongings, bought a draft horse and wagon, and along with my dog, we set out traveling back roads through rural America. See paragraph directly below.


Faith March 2012: I put myself in God’s hands and made my first horse and wagon mission. This blog covers it in photos, journal entries, and videos. It wasn’t planed to last 40 days and nights but it just came out that way. From farm-to-town and town-to-town, I spoke with a great many people. I was greatly inspired, and so were they. Please read my, SEVEN FLYERS! They are important. Enjoy the journal, photos, and videos. Be inspired. Tell your friends. Thank you, and God bless!


Faith March 2013: I made my second horse and wagon mission. I hadn’t planned it to last 73 days and nights but it just came out that way. This time I handed out my, ACTION PLAN FOR SMALL TOWN AMERICA. I wrote it with help from a retired Navy SEAL who I met on my first Faith March. It was very well received. You can read it here: ACTION PLAN Also, enjoy the journal, photos, and videos. Be inspired. Tell your friends. The journal link is above (FAITH MARCH 2013). Thank you and God bless!


2014-2016: I wrote my booklet AMERICA’S FAITH FRONTIER based on the perspective God had given me over the course of my travels. I then spent the following three years (2017-2020) going out on weekends, towing my horse by trailer to different towns where we walked the streets, gave rides to countless children (always with parents present), spoke with many people, and handed out my booklet. It hasn’t been easy financially but I’ve paid for all my mission work out-of-pocket except for once when I ran out of money on the trail and my old hometown friends quickly raised $700 dollars to get me through. May God bless them! Outside that, I refused to take money. Out on the trail, strangers were feeding me, giving me places to camp, and just heaping kindness on me. May God bless them! Please read, AMERICA’S FAITH FRONTIER. It’s 100% free in my website. A quick and easy read that’s packed full of inspiration. People are reading it online around the world.


2020 to Present: I am pouring myself into a new book. A faith based fiction. A family in the wild, fighting the good fight. No politics, no crutches of violence or sex. Just a real good story. A trilogy, each book about 350 pages. I’m halfway through the third book and hope to have it completed in a year. I will then publish the trilogy and market it along with my book about my journey on the Lewis and Clark trail. Not looking to make any money. I'm far from rich but, I am very grateful because I have enough to not worry about making money and paying bills. And this allows me to purse my objective, to inspire folks!

Thank you, and may God bless you!

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