Day 28, July 11, 2012

Day 28: It's dawn, and I'm back on track.

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Reba meets lots of horses along the way,
this one on the outskirts of Burlingame.

Having got up before first light, I arrive in Burlingame approx 8:30 am. I go to the library, but they don’t open till 10:00am, so I drive up the main drag to the Cassy’s for ice where a group of enthusiastic folks surround me. They just keep coming and going, so there’s always a small crowd, and to be honest, Reba’s the star, they’re gathered around her, and I’m kind of her agent. And that’s perfectly fine with me, this isn’t about me anyway. As God would have it, this is my chance to speak with folks and - doing my best speak earnestly from my heart- tell what I’m about. I’m well received. I meet David and Pat, and Pat asks me if I would be interested in speaking with a reporter. I say that I’m not because news people don’t understand, and only want to sell a story, but she says this fellow isn’t like that, and convinces me to meet with him, along with the mayor, in an hour, at the library. At the library, Pat who coordinated the meeting, Frank who is the reporter, and Ray who is the mayor, and I have a good conversation. And listening to them talk, I can see; my part in this is hopefully heart stirring in a basic way with regard to reminding folks of the importance of our cultural bond, as a gift, worth keeping, and building upon. And while I cannot speak for Ray, he appears to be very hands on, immersed not only in the everyday work of city services, but in the mechanics of things like getting a grocery store for Burlingame - bringing Burlingame economically back to life - and they are coming to life, with good cafes, and other businesses. I would only add that, when folks tell themselves they need sit down (like in front of their TV’s) because their tired, they also need to ask themselves if they want to lose their little towns and farms, and if the answer is no, they need to suck it up, get up, stand up, get involved, and do something constructive like for example, find and support a marcher to come along with me!

After meeting at the library, I work on my website, in the library, till my old friend Mark comes to resupply me with fed for Reba, and food for me (no grocer in Burlingame yet). In my camp, Mark and I talk, a young man named Colton comes along and joins us, and so does David. Then parting with words of thanks and well wishes, I do my chores and, finishing sometime shortly after dark, hit the sack around 10:30 pm.

Camp in Burlingame.

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