Day 8, June 21, 2012

Day 8: Everything miserably wet in morning, heavy clouds looked like more rain. I know we need rain for the crops desperately, so I pray for sunshine on that day only, to dry my stuff out, and then more rain. The sun came through the clouds, and within a few hours, it was a blue sky day. I hung my stuff out to dry. Terry came in his truck to see how I was doing. He loaned me his truck, and sat with Reba and Jill while I went into town; to the library to do some computer work, and to grocer for food. I then retured to camp, and Terry departed with many thanks and well wishes. Thank God for Terry's help.

Very tired, I got down on my knees and prayed for strength and guidance, then took my cards and flyers and headed for town. God got in my heart, and I was fired up, no beating around the bush, but straight to the point, speaking with conviction. I went in the stores, spoke with people on the streets, and was well received by pretty nearly everyone. I then returned to my camp, layed down on a bare concret RV pad and fell asleep. Soon some visitors came with gifts. And it is important to know, this is not about me, this is about a truth that hits home in the hearts of humble folks who do not have a voice in a world gone crazy. A lawyer brought 5 gal of apples for Reba, a couple of good old boys brought 20 dollars which I tried to refuse but they insisted and said I had to eat, a couple brought a bale of hay for Reba, and Terry returned with cookies from Shirely. When all had gone, I did chores and went to bed.

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