Day 7, June 20, 2012

Day 7: Continue towards Valley Falls. Had to get on Hwy4 briefly in order to transition from gravel road to a rural blacktop that would take us to NE corner of town. Fortuately, the highway had a wide shoulder, and Reba was solid in traffic. Next we came to the moderately large bridge that crossed the river just north of town. And for those who like me are not knowledgeable horsemen/women; horses are deadly afraid of bridges until trained differently. Fortunately, as God would have it, we met with a series of bridges starting with small culvert-type bridges to larger rural concrete bridges, gradually getting a bit bigger until now, so that we are ready for this large steel bridge. It is an experience, sitting high on a buckboard with a 1,700 pound animal ripped with muscles and nervous as heck, crossing a large bridge, but Reba did it with flying colors. After crossing the river, we entered Valley Falls, then crossed town via residental streets to check-out the 4H grounds on the other side of town. (On the way there, I met a man in a red pickup who wanted to help me find a place to camp, but Reba was acting up, and I was trying to hold her while talking with him, plus I had already decided the 4H grounds were too far from downtown, but I forgot to thank the man for stepping forward, and I think he went away a little disapointed. I asked God to help me do a better job.) After checking the 4H grounds in the SW corner of town, I go to a small city-owned park in the NE corner of town. That night a big storm rolled in, and my old tent wasn't what it used to be - I got wet, and for awhile lost track of Jill who was afraid of lightening and thunder and ran into the woods where Reba was. Altogether, it was something of a tough night.

Campside in Valley Falls, on NE corner of town. Reba in her pen
(the woods there are open with lots of good grass for her to eat).

Reba in Valley Falls

Jill in Valley Falls

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