Day 25, July 8, 2012

Day 25: Up at 5:45pm, cook breakfast, chores, unload and clean wagon, clean Reba’s harness, harness and hitch Reba, and drive to church. The congregation was a very small, but very kind. I am only sorry that I cannot recall all their names. After lunch in the church basement, they fix me a great care package. Next I drive to the grocer and resupply, then back to camp where Marsha (from chruch) has left a bag of apples for Reba. A storm is coming, so I quickly take down my tent, and get everything back into the wagon dry. By then it is approx 4pm, and I go to sleep on the floor in Eldon’s workshop. I wake an hour later to see the storm passed over without rain. Cameron and Sam are petting Reba, so I give them a brush. Reba loves being brushed, and they brushed her thoroughly. I go to visit with Teresa who uses her I-phone to show me how to get to Harveyville (I plan to leave in the very early morning). I then walk to town and sit on a bench in front of the library where I pick up WiFi to check weather, e-mail, and catch up journal (just now, 6:30pm). And looking around, I want to take a picture of town to post here, but I left my camera in camp. The heat has broke, and it’s a beautiful evening!

Walking back to camp with computer and ice, I see Julie in her car and she gives me a ride. Arriving at my camp, we see Kamryn petting Reba, and I laugh and tell Julie that Kamryn loves that horse! With thanks and well wishes, Julie departs, and I met Melissa who gives me two bags of frozen pork sausage. We then ask Kamryn if she wants to ride Reba, and of course she does, so I saddle Reba up, and Melissa and I talk while Kamryn rides around the property. Afterwards, I get on Reba and ride her up a ridge, and seeing how beautiful it is, I ride back down, get my camera, and ride back up again to take photos while Reba grazes on sunflowers. See photos below:

Returning to my camp at dusk, I work on my computer, trying to figure out how to post large videos to this site. I have given my ice chest to Eldon and Melissa, and Kamryn brings it back full of ice. They refuse to accept any payment for this, or for anything, and I greatly appreciate their kindness. I work on my computer till 10:45pm (still on the video loading problem) and, giving up for the night, go to bed. (Note: When I wake in the morning, I have the solution to the video problem. Yeah Baby!)

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