Day 24, July 7, 2012

Day 24: Up at 6am, chores, breakfast, work on journal. Then at 9am, I put a soft saddle on Reba and ride around town speaking with whomever I can find, handing out material about my mission. I do not expect to find many people out on such a hot morning, and I do not mean to show off, but I understand that Reba, being a special horse, can help draw folks out, and indeed; I speak with more people than I had expected. I am not fired up like in some of the first towns, and that is okay, I don't need to be on fire, I just need to be earnest and speak from my heart. I end my ride at noon, speaking with John and Teresa who invite me onto their back porch for a ham sandwich, potato chips, cucumber slices, strawberries and blueberries with whip cream.

Returning to my camp, I feed and water Reba, do a few chores, then take my laptop and walk to the café downtown which, being next door to the library, has WiFi. I get a seat by the window, order some lemonade, and work on my journal till right now, exactly 5:11 pm, and now my journal is caught up. YEAH BABY!!!

Back at camp, I saddle Reba up for Mellisa's daughter Kamryn and girlfriend Sam, and they take turns riding Reba.

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