Day 9, Continued

Day 9, Continued:

Reba pulling wagon up a hill in route from Valley Falls to Hoyt. It is worth remembering that the wagon is heavily loaded, but it’s in Reba’s blood to work, she wants the top of the hill, so when she stops, I do not whip her, but remain patient, and it is really something to see her gather herself, catching her breath, needing only about 10 or 20 seconds, then she is driving again. This video is good but doesn't really show the great effort she is making. Reba is not only a beautiful horse, she has heart! (Note: Because I had my camera out, I was a little impatient at the end and encouraged her).

Departing Valley Falls

On road from Valley Falls to Hoyt

Kansas is a beautiful place for horse and wagon
(click on photo to enlarge!)

Taking a rest beside the road

Awesome scenery

Pulling up a hill

Gotta love the view

"One enchanted evening, you will met a stranger..."
(it's an old song)

Camp between Valley Falls and Hoyt

After eating the good dinner that the ranches wife brought out, and doing chores, I cooked up some food made from half a left-over stake which I cut into small chunks, green bell pepper, some potato and onion that Terry gave me - wrapped in tortillas, with hot sauce. Yeah baby!

Set up for cooking

Oh yeah!

While putting camp away for the night, I decided to take a picture of my system for rechaging my phone, flash light, camera, and laptop. There is also a flasher there which runs a blinking light on the back of my wagon (for night travel).


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