Day 6, June 19, 2010

Day 6: Depart Winchester with good send-off from Terry and Jean. Headed north on Scott Road. Soon after turning from Scott road onto 175th street west (all gravel) I saw good water in a culvert and stopped to fetch a bucket full for Reba to drink, I also gave her some grain, then we were off again in no time. Shortly after crossing 59 hwy, I stopped to get more water same as before, but I tired Reba to liberally (so she could graze) and while I was down in the stream getting water, she dragged the wagon into the woods and turned it over. I heard it and dropped the bucket and went running. Reba was okay, I had to untangle her and get her out of there, then I got everything that had spilled out of the wagon, the cooler landed right-side up so I didn’t loose any cold food, my water barrel landed upside down but the lid stayed on so I didn’t lose any water, and that was the way with everything, all of the containers had fallen out and not spilt. The wagon however, which was on its side, looked to be a mangled mess. However, on closer inspection, I thought I might be able to fix it. I called Denny the Navy Seal and he said he was on his way and would bring the tools I requested. Denny and I cut down a few small tress to get the wagon out, then we took it apart and spent a long hard hot afternoon doing some cold blacksmithing to straighten the very twisted steel parts, like old west roadside repair, and when we were done, oh joy, we were both covered from head to toe in sweat, dirt, and axle grease – but the wagon was fixed! Yeah Baby! Denny departed with many thanks from me. I struck camp right there in a little clearing (after asking permission from the land owner).

Reba in harness, pulling wagon on road from
Winchester to Valley Falls (Scott Road)

On road from Winchester to Valley Falls

On road from Winchester to Valley Falls

This is the clearing just beside the wreck site. It is evening in photo. Denny has gone with many thanks from me. I've taken a sponge bath with rubbing alcohol to get the grease off, and have my lap top out, recording events. Relived to have the wagon fixed. Grateful to God for Denny's help.

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