Day 23, July 6, 2012

Day 23: Up at 6am, work on journal all day and evening, in Eldon’s shop, in the town library, and café, and telling my mission to folks along the way. I’m spending a whole lot of time on my journal here because the opportunity has been put before me to catch it up, and in the process, reach a lot of people. By no wisdom of my own, this journal exemplifies my message: What we have is worth hanging on to. Andby way of this journal - here’s a great example of what we have.

Having seen how this website is spiking (whereas I use to feel fortunate to get 50 hits in a month, it is now getting 50 to 100 hits a day, that’s more than a 1,000 hits a month, and it’s climbing), I do not want to miss this opportunity to spread my message. And yes I am anxious to get this journal caught up so I can get on the road again, but this is not about how fast I can make it from town to town. My job is to deliver this message, to make the most of the tools and opportunities that God has put before me to spread this message, on foot, on-line, through my people.

Outside of working on this journal; Melisa, and I put her daughter Kamryn on Reba with soft saddle, and after a little leading to get Reba use to the property, Kamryn rode Reba herself. I then went for a short ride on Reba, and seeing Julie and some friends in a yard, I stopped to say hello, and gave a ride to a young fellow named Noah. I really enjoy putting kids up on Reba's back and seeing their eyes get wide and their smiles grow big while I lead her around.

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