Day 16, June 29, 2012

Day 16: Up at 6:00, breakfast, chores. I ask permission to move Reba from pen to pasture where she can be with two other horses, both geldings (one a saddle colored quarter horse, and one a black and white pony). I know it will be good for her to be with other horses. Thus with permission granted, I move her from pen to pasture, but not before hearing a cautionary tale about the little pony; being that he is so mean, as to kick a cute little calf to death (they saved the calf before he could kill it). Knowing that Reba can take care of herself, I put her in the pasture and watch as she wonders happily into the open, grazing, and minding her own business. The mean little pony comes running, turns, and begins kicking the heck out of Reba. I whence as I watch, not for Reba, but because I know what the hapless pony is in for. Reba turns and lets him have with both barrels (both back hoofs), big Clydesdale hoofs, armored with steel shoes. I watch as the pony goes airborne (he may have kept one foot on the ground), and it was game over, he left her alone, and after that, she was the boss. I then go to town and do laundry, look for my brand of horse feed, get wagon grease, and acetone to clean the white tarp. In the process, I talk to people up and down the “main drag,” telling about faith march, but I am toned down in St Marys because it is a bigger town than what I am speaking to in my message (population 2,250). I then return to camp and eat lunch around 1:30 ??, then to library where I work on website journal until closing time at 7, then get 3 bags of ice and carry them back to camp on my shoulder like Santa. Back at camp, I cook dinner, then use acetone to clean the special white tarp, I also grease wagon, charge battery, etc… and finally; give rides to kids until dark, too many kids to count, and seeing their smiles made for a perfect end to a productive day.

Reba grazes with her new friend, the saddle colored quarter horse.
She even made friends with the little pony.

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