Day 29, July 12, 2012

Day 29: Up at 6:30, breakfast, chores, go to library at 10:00pm, work on journal website all day, break for lunch at café across the street, food excellent, price impossible to beat. Check on horse and dog, water and food for them, then back to library till they close at 5:00, then down the street to a café that has WiFi, leave my computer there and go to my camp to water and feed animals, and pick up my laundry, then stop at start laundry in mat on way back to café, eat and work on journal in café, food awesome, very reasonable price. Return to laundry mat, which has WiFi, fans, comfortable chairs, clean tables, and in fact, it’s clean everywhere, and even has a bathroom which is rare these days in laundry mats.

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