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March 1, 2012

Dear Sirs and Ladies,

Please read the following SEVEN FLYERS, and if the words ring true to you, than we are on the same page, and we need one another's help.

I am a NOT trying to sell you anything, ask for money, or your vote. I have a plan. It ain’t much of a plan, but with faith, it doesn’t have to be. I am proposing a march for rural and small town America. If folks are not receptive to marching, than perhaps my job is only to plant a seed by asking them to read these seven flyers (I believe however that if we do not march now, we will come to wish we had later). In June of 2012, I will begin a journey by horse and wagon. Using rural roads, I will go from town to town. In each town, I will ask for one man to come with me. I will ask the people of that town to sponsor their man by paying his expenses consisting of food, sleeping bag, etc. His expenses will be between himself and the people of his township. Then, God willing, this will become a march, with supply wagons pulled by horses and mules. Note: You can view this journey via the photo/video journal at bottom of this blog.

The goal of this march will be to give faith a chance to do what we know it can do, as proven by our pilgrim and pioneer forefathers and mothers.

The destination of this march is to where God leads. And if that sounds strange, think about it. We could march to DC and hear the same old speeches. We could help small towns with clean-up and fix-up projects. We could march to Vegas, peacefully block the arteries of evil, and force our enemy into the open to defend the very things that are destroying America. But to begin, we must put our trust in God, and by walking with Him, remember who we are, where we come from, and what we’re made of. Instead of growing weak, we can grow strong in the One who holds our best interest at heart.

Thank you, and may God bless you.

James Sheldon

Our blessings are on the line.
So please read this all the way through.
And if in your heart, you believe this a good thing,
and you're thinking about how you can help:

My e-mail address is:


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