Culture begins with love and loyalty for one’s people and their way of life. Culture, as God intended it, is human poetry in motion, rich with mannerisms and ways of expression not defined by statements of income, or even by great works of art, but rather by what we hold dear in our hearts. Though love and loyalty, sense of appreciation, and of belonging, a strong cultural bond makes for peace and harmony in small town America, something that big cities, for all their power and wealth, cannot honestly claim. Culture, not as defined by those who look for it in art museums, or in Hollywood movies, or Fifth Avenue adds, but rather, real flesh and blood culture is a gift, from God, given to the smallest, that they may have peace, harmony, and happiness. 

Note: I am not against people of other cultures, multi-cultural folks included. Rather, I am about the incredible importance of culture, as key to the survival of my people, or any people.

Our heritage begins with the story of the Pilgrims in the Mayflower, who through trial of faith became the wind in the sails of the pioneers in their “prairie schooners,” who in turn gave rise to that generation that defeated the Nazis and went to the moon. Not a perfect story (there’s no such thing), but it’s our story, a wonderful story of faith and courage! And for those of us who have not yet become detached from the value of it, who are not yet blind to the beauty of our bond, and therefore not yet prone to cruelty by the act of taking it away from those of us who depend upon it – praise the Lord - we are not yet so “great” as to destroy the roots from which we grew great. 

The time has come for us to stand like people who know where they come from, and go forward like those who came before. 

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