Day 22, July 5, 2012

Day 22: Up at 6am, chores, cook breakfast. A little later, I speak with Melisa and a short time after that, I also have a good conversation with Kathy. At 9:30am I go to the town’s cafĂ© where I met Judy, Leroy, and one other gentleman and lady whose names I did not get. I ask if they know where I can get three square bales of hay, and Judy gets on the phone and calls around (most people use the big round bales these days). Judy finds the hay, and Leroy takes me to get it several miles outside of town. Back at my camp, Eldon shows up as Leroy and I are unloading the bales, and we have a good conversation. Then with Reba taken care of, I work on my journal for the remainder of the day until bedtime, at 10:30pm.

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