Day 9, June 22, 2012

Day 9: A kind man named Daryl takes me to get ice for my cooler. Terry comes to see me off. I leave Valley Falls headed southwest for the town of Hoyt. Halfway through the day, my cousin John comes from our hometown of Ottawa KS and resupplies me with high-performance horse fed. John is a good Christian, and with a prayer, words of thanks, and well wishes, he sees me on my way.

Hot sun, and big hills. Reba works hard, pulling until about 4pm. Deciding it is time to stop, I ask the first man I see for a place to camp, and without blinking and eye, he gives me an excellent spot in the shade of a giant cottonwood tree beside a pond. Then while I'm setting up camp, the rancher and his wife come with dinner for me, and I am grateful for their hospitality. Reba gets to be with other horses, and I am glad for it (she had not been alone before going on this mission). I am up late working on computer, and also working out a resupply with my good friend Mark, who I have known since grade school.

Folks who drive these roads in their trucks and cars have noticed that my wagon tracks weave.
Ten reasons for weaving:

1. Reba does not wear blinders, likes to look around at the scenery, and is tempted by the grass that grows alongside the road.

2. I also enjoy the scenery.

3. Looking at map.

4. Reading phone texts.

5. Talking on phone.

6. Talking to Jill.

7. Picking ticks off Jill, and me.

8. Scratching poison ivy.

9. Getting my camera out (I keep it out of the hot sun).

10. Getting my water bottle out.

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