“For the betterment of humanity,” the socialist are trying to wipe us out, and the capitalist are selling us out. And because this is a disaster for us, we are in need of God’s wisdom, which undoubtedly will leave some people out, but only by their own choice, while we turn to follow Him, without malice for others, but simply taking it on our shoulders to preserve our blessings.
They seek control over others, without facing themselves. Thus with ultra-bias, they rail against bias. With knowledge, they breed contempt. With obscene lack of appreciation, they eat America’s bread. They live in an infrastructure of destruction, dependent on a state of extraordinary detachment, tightly sewn up in a
blanket of ideology, with “justice” for all – not!
For the love of money, they say it’s not about the money as they go wherever the money is. Indeed,
upon that awesome mountain of materialism, with heavy loads upon their backs, even the porters are spellbound. Their struggle is a result of their own inner emptiness, with the false cure of material gain pursued in an infrastructure of destruction, dependent on a state of extraordinary detachment,
dressed in shiny bells and whistles.
Jesus became the world’s greatest hope, not by being a man of the world, but by being a man of His people. With their best interest at heart, and his feet on the ground, He went walking from town to town.
And what else would one expect when love without loyalty is a lie.
The fact that Jesus walked, not walked in concept, but literally walked among his people was His way of showing the difference between what is real and false, between truth and lies, right and wrong, good and evil. This is one of the great lessons of Christ; I am to live in an honest state of being. When I go out my front door, I must face reality like God created me to. And although I am not strong enough to live as He would have me to, I am set free by His truth. 

Regarding the “infrastructure of destruction” stated above: The current system is destructive, but it is also creative. And because I haven’t the wisdom to get myself beyond the conundrum of knowing which choices are more of one than the other, I follow the One who can. By following His word, I avoid sin. By watching how He makes things to work in nature, I learn from designs that support life, as opposed to destroying body, soul, home, town, and nation through a series of sin-based decisions.


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