Day 2, June 15, 2012

Day 2: Proceed five miles by gravel road to town of McLouth, Kansas. Ask to camp at Rose Park, permission granted (park is normally closed at night). Set up pen for Reba, carry water for her by hand from town to park, not far but heavy. Set up camp, many chores, very tired, going to bed early but feeling bad because no one in the park seems interested enough to come over and see me (I'm camped by the tree line). Then, just as I am falling asleep, Jill barks, and I look out of my tent to see a group of youth with two chaperons coming toward my camp - I am happy to see them, and I let the teenagers sit on Reba. Others come, and there are between 12 and 15 people in my camp! Most leave before I get a chance to tell them what I am about, but it was fun, and I went to bed grateful.

Note: Because this is trip has a purpose which could be controversial (I hope so), I am not taking pics of people. This may change, but for now, when you view a campsite photo for example, and the heading tells of visitors sitting together and talking,, you will have to use your imagination for now. Thank you.

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