Day 34, July 17, 2012

Day 34: Work on web-journal all day, first at camp, then go to Gary’s and Jane’s house up the street and work using their WiFi. Gary and Jane are gone, both at work, and I sit in the garage where it’s cool (a basement level garage). Gary comes by to check on me, and tells me I can go in the house and work, but I’m fine in the garage, so he brings out a fan and a big glass of ice water (just what the doctor ordered - thank you Gary!) Gary returns around 5, and Jane shortly after, and they treat me to dinner. Due to a schedued resupply meeting, I have to leave at 7pm, and we part with words of thanks and well wishes.

Back at camp, I met Mark who has come to resupply me, and we have a good conversation. Mark then departs and I do chores until after dark, then hit the sack.

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